Incorporated December 20, 1988
(Revised November 10, 2014)



The Organization shall be called Plainville Youth Soccer League herein after referred to as PYSL which is affiliated with the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) and the Boston Area Youth Soccer League (BAYS)



The PYSL shall be organized for the following purposes:


  1. To foster and maintain an ongoing soccer program for amateur athletic competition for the young people of Plainville, Massachusetts.
  2. To promote the sport of soccer in developing an appreciation for it and stressing the ideals of fair play and good sportsmanship included therein.
  3. To raise funds necessary to sustain the organization and travel teams at the various levels of competition.
  4. To partner with both the Plainville Town Soccer Program and King Philip Soccer Association in the further development of youth soccer for Plainville children in general.



Membership in PYSL shall include:

  1. Plainville youth who register to play soccer
  2. Youth from other towns having approval of the Board to register in the PYSL soccer program.
  3. Parents of registered youth, and adults who have volunteered their services, who are residents of Plainville supportive of the Purposes of PYSL and interested in the development of a vital youth soccer program.
  4. At General Meetings each member who is at least 16 years of age shall be entitled to one vote on all matters requiring membership approval.



PYSL as an organization affiliated with the MYSA and also BAYS and shall develop its soccer program according to the expectations of the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), the United States Soccer Federation USSF) and in obedience to the FIFA Laws of the Game except where modified by PYSL By-Laws. PYSL will develop relationships with other organizations as desired to promote recreational soccer and to provide youth opportunities to play competitive soccer with teams from other towns.



The Corporation, Plainville Youth Soccer League, a non for profit organization have and may exercise all powers necessary or convenient to affect any or all of the purposes for which the Corporation is formed.  However, no such power shall be exercised in a manner inconsistent with the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 180 or any other chapter of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Furthermore, the Corporation shall not engage in any activity or exercise any power which would deprive it of any exemption for the federal income tax which the Corporation may receive under Section 501 (d) of the Internal Revenue Code



The Board of Directors (BOD) will be responsible for the establishment of Policies, By-Laws, and Programs consistent with the purposes of PYSL.  All Officers are also members of the PYSL Board of Directors.  The number of members elected to the Board of Directors shall be no less than 5 and no more than 15.

Eligible members of the Board of Directors must be at least 21 years old.

Members of the Board of Directors shall be elected annually by the membership in attendance at the stated Annual General Meeting. They shall assume their duties following the Annual General Meeting.

Appointment to the Board for vacant positions may be made by the existing Board of Directors by a two-thirds vote of those present at the BOD Meetings should the vacancy occur between stated Annual General Meetings.

The Board of Directors shall meet at least 6 times a year, or as often as required. A quorum shall consist of one-third [k3] of its members. .

The Board of Directors of PYSL have the legal obligation to insure that the activities of PYSL remain compatible with their incorporated statutes as a non-profit organization in Massachusetts



All Officers are also members of the Board of Directors.  However not all Officers have voting privileges.   All Officers, except as noted below, shall be nominated and voted upon by the current Board of Directors and other attendees at the Annual General Meeting, Officers must be at least 21 years of age.  Officers shall be elected annually to only one Office by the membership at the stated Annual General Meeting. Officers are eligible for re-election.  Officers may be appointed by the Board of Directors by a two thirds vote of those present at the BOD Meetings if a vacancy should occur between stated Annual General Meetings.

The Officers of PYSL shall include but not limited to:


  • 1st Vice President – Operations
  • 2nd Vice President - Marketing & Communications
  • 3rd Vice President - Registrar
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Referee Assignor
  • Uniform Coordinator
  • King Phillip Soccer Association Representative
  • Boston Area Youth Soccer Representative
  • Director of Fund Raising
  • Town of Plainville Park Director

Officer Responsibilities and Voting privileges are listed below:

President (Voting Director):

  1. Officially preside at Board of Directors Meetings, Budget Committee Meetings, and General Meetings.
  2. Officially represent PYSL in all matters pertaining to it
  3. Authorized check signer
  4. Perform duties of vacant Officer positions as needed
  5. Be ex-officio member of any Council, Committee, or Task Force of the PYSL
  6. Provide counsel, as needed or desired, to those bearing responsibility for the development and implementation of PYSL programs.
  7. Lead officer in recruitment of coaches


1st Vice President – Operations (Voting Director):

  1. Officially preside at Board of Directors Meetings, Budget Committee Meetings, and General Meetings in the absence of the President
  2. Assist in management of field scheduling
  3. Responsible for overall filed operations for program
  4. Responsible for clinics organization
  5. Responsible for field lining scheduling
  6. Assist in coach recruitment


2nd Vice President – Marketing & Communications (Voting Director):

  1. Officially preside at Board of Directors Meetings, Budget Committee Meetings, and General Meetings in the absence of the President and 1st Vice President
  2. Work with President, Registrar and other Board members to manage all marketing and communications for the League.
  3. Management of League website, emails and communications to membership and public.
  4. Works with other Board members to manage web and related vendor communications as necessary.


3rd Vice President - Registrar (Voting Director):

  1. Collection, maintaining and entering of all PYSL player, member, coach, team and field   data into the BAYS, MYSA and Admin Sports websites as required
  2. Officially preside at Board of Directors Meetings, Budget Committee Meetings, and      General Meetings in the absence of the President,1st and 2nd Vice Presidents.
  3. Ensuring that all invoice payments and receipts to/from BAYS and MYSA are current for PYSL
  4. Organize seasonal registration and coordinate payments.
  5. Prepare any communications or publicity pertaining to meetings or programs of PYSL


Secretary (Voting Director):

  1. Record minutes of Board of Directors· Meetings, and General Meetings
  2. Prepare Meeting agendas and their distribution to Board members
  3. Purchase PYSL administration supplies as necessary
  4. MYSA CORI process administrator
  5. Work with website manager to ensure all information and communications are up to date


Treasurer (Voting Director):

  1. Authorized check signer
  2. Collect, deposit and record all income for PYSL and keep a record of expenditures.
  3. Purchase necessary financial materials for PYSL and distribute funds as necessary
  4. Prepare regular financial statements for Board of Directors, and General Meetings.
  5. Prepare and submit annual Budget to BOD for approval


Referee Assignor (Voting Director):

  1. Schedule certified referees for all home games of PYSL teams involved in league competition with other towns.
  2. Promote information about the certification program for interested parties to become professional U.S.S.F. referees.
  3. Provide direction to all referees regarding PYSL Policies and By-Laws and in the use and training on BAYS scoring system and other soccer league By-Laws and regulations that pertain to PYSL involvement;
  4. Coordinate all necessary materials and communications to referees who are involved in competitive league competition.
  5. Ensure that sufficient number of referees are in place for the season.
  6. Submit referee payment requests to Treasurer
  7. Mentor and provide forum for referee feedback.


King Philip Soccer Association Representative (Voting Director)

  1. Serve as a Director on the King Philip Soccer Association (KPSA) Board.
  2. Represent PYSL’s best interests in all matters relating to KPSA
  3. Act as liaison to/from both the PYSL and KYPSA Boards


Boston Area Youth Soccer Representative (Voting Director):

  1. Serve as a Director on Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) Board.
  2. Represent PYSL’s best interests in all matters relating to BAYS
  3. Act as liaison to/from both the PYSL and BAYS Boards


Uniform Coordinator (Voting Director)

  1. Manage League Uniform process in general
  2. Help research and acquire and distribute uniforms when necessary
  3. Maintain inventory of new and used uniforms as required

Director of Fund Raising (Voting Director)

  1. Develop and manage all fund raising activities
  2. Manage the acquisition of sponsorships, donations, fund raising, and opportunities to engage media and Public Relations efforts

Town of Plainville Park Director (Non-voting Director):

  1. Filled by current Plainville Town Park Director
  2. Work with BOD to coordinate and schedule the use Town Fields for game and practice use by PYSL
  3. Advising authority on home game cancellations due to poor field conditions resulting from weather conditions.
  4. 4o spending authority


Officer Spending Authority

Officers are authorized to make purchases on behalf of PYSL up to $100.

Amounts greater than $100 must be approved by the President. 
Any purchase greater than $100 made by the President must be approved by either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Vice President.
Any purchases greater than $500 must be approved by a majority vote by the Board.
§  Approvals and voting can be done via email or at the Board Meetings


Committees and Task Forces shall be created, organized and disbanded at the discretion of the PYSL Board of Directors with members selected as prescribed in Bylaws section 2.4 below.



The Board of Directors may call a General Meeting of the Membership at any time so long as a notice and printed agenda is made available at least 10 days prior to the meeting. The Board of Directors shall call a General Meeting of the Membership annually for the purposes of:

  1. Election of Officers
  2. Election of Board Members
  3. Adoption of a Budget
  4. Presentation of an Annual Report
  5. Acting on any other items of business requiring a vote of the Members.

General Meetings may be called in connection with another program of the PYSL. In all matters requiring a vote ,except Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, a majority of those present and voting shall constitute the will of the Members provided  two-thirds of the Members present are at least 21 years of age.  A majority vote is required for all approvals.




Proposed changes in the Constitution or By-Laws of PYSL may be submitted to the Board of Directors at any meeting and are subject to review by the Board as mentioned below in the Organizational General Section 1.5,  Changes must be voted upon by the Board and those Members in attendance and require a majority vote. Enacted Amendments to the Constitution of the PYSL or Bylaws become effective immediately.





1. General


1.1 Regularly scheduled monthly meetings of the Board of Directors

(Board) will be held at a predetermined time and date every month at Town Park or other location designated by the President.


1.2 All regularly scheduled monthly Board meetings will always remain open for any interested parties to attend and voice their opinions.


1.3 Any issues deemed too sensitive for public hearing shall be dealt with at a special closed Board meeting that will be held separately from the regularly scheduled monthly Board meeting. These meetings when called will only be open to Board members and invited parties.


1.4 All decisions made by the board, at any time, shall have the best interest of the children in mind with regard to enjoying, participating in, and learning the game of soccer.


1.5 Proposed changes to these By-Laws may be submitted by anyone in the PYSL program.  The proposed change must first be submitted to the President, in writing, to be placed on the agenda for the next Board meeting. The proposed change to the By-Laws must then be mailed to all Board members at least one week in advance of the Board meeting.



 2. Committees


2.1  Committees can be formed to help the PYSL perform special tasks not involved in the day to day business of the organization including: Fund-raising, Publicity, Player Selection, Field Preparation, Equipment Maintenance & Replacement and Coaching Selection and assignment.


2.2. The committee chairman of each committee is considered an official representative of the PYSL and is responsible for adhering to as well as enforcing all the rules and regulations of the PYSL.


2.3. The committee chairman shall report to the Board at the monthly meeting and shall keep the President informed of all activities.


2.4 The committee chairman shall be responsible for selecting all committee members. The appointment of the committee shall be subject to Board approval.


2.5.Committee chairmen terms will terminate at the close of each soccer year (8/31).



3. Registration


3.1 All players must register with the Registrar no later than the communicated registration date determined by the PYSL Board and prior to the first roster submission to BAYS. (generally, June 30 for the Fall season and December 31 for the Spring season.)  This date will be considered the registration deadline. Registrations after the date will be considered late registrations and will be subject to late fees.


3.2  Player must be in the U9 through U12 age groups.  U12 players must be under age 12 as of July 31st.  U9 players must be under 9 years of age by 7/31 and entering 3rd Grade or above in the Fall. BAYS Waivers must be obtained for U8 Players.


No player under 8 years of age as of July 31 will be accepted unless they are entering 3rd Grade in the Fall and proper Waiver is obtained from BAYS for  the upcoming season, under the provision that there is space available on a U-9 team..


3.3 A player will not be considered registered in the PYSL unless an online registration is completed and registration fee has been received by the Registrar.


3.4 Registered players will be placed on teams of the youngest age group that they are eligible for.  No player will be moved up to an older age group without the express approval of the Board. Placements will follow rules prescribed by BAYS.  Only 3 U-8 players will be allowed on a U-10 team


3.5 The late registrant will be considered for acceptance if such acceptance would not bring the appropriate team's roster above - the current BAYS suggested roster requirements., The coach of the team in question will be consulted before any decision to accept the applicant is made. Decision of the Board will be final.


            3.6 If the number of late registrants is large, the Board may consider adding a team and still maintain a roster size at or below the BAYS suggested roster requirements.


3.7 In the event that the PYSL must recruit players to obtain an adequate number of players  for a roster, all late registration rules for that group will be suspended.  A roster is deemed adequate when they meet the BAYS suggested roster requirements.



4. Refunds


4.1 If a refund is requested for any reason prior to registration closing a full refund will be provided, less a $5 administrative fee. Refunds of registration fees will not be given after the registration deadline.

4.2 Refunds may be granted for equipment paid for but not yet issued.


5. Player Placement


The PYSL will attempt to place players based on, but not limited to, player age and skill level. The placement of players will be subject to the availability of teams which can be formed with the number of players available. For example, if two teams are available within the same age group, then the PYSL will attempt to group the children based on skill level.


5.1 Players will be evaluated according to their soccer ability. (i.e. skills tactical ability, athletic ability, attitude and  aggressiveness). Players will then be ranked within their age group. Players will then be placed on teams according to their ranking.


5.2 Players will not be placed on teams based on position requirements


5.3 Once a player has been placed and notified of his/her placement that player will not be displaced by another player during the current soccer Fall or Spring season. (9/1 through 8/31)  However, if a player was improperly placed then he/she may be moved to a more appropriate team in consultation with the parents, player and coaches affected.


5.4 When the player being considered for placement is new to the evaluation committee and no soccer ability evaluations are available, then that player should be placed on the lowest team in the age group.  The intent is to watch the player during the season to evaluate whether he/she should be moved to another more appropriate team.  If movement of the player is called for, it should be done within league rules and in consultation with the Board, parents, player and coaches affected.



6. Coaches Placement


6.1 The PYSL will attempt to select the most qualified coach available for each team from those coaches who have submitted their names directly to the Board for consideration as possible coaches. The selection process should consider the coaches total soccer knowledge and the ability to communicate this knowledge to the players. Each coach should also be evaluated on his/her willingness to seek training from outside sources. Such training is strongly recommended by the PYSL.


6.2 Incumbency is not a guarantee of a coach returning to a team the following season. However, it is the objective of the PYSL to have a coach return from Fall to Spring as it is recognized by the Board that the Fall season is a developmental season for the Spring and that this gives the organization continuity.


6.3 There will only be one Head Coach and One Assistant coach assigned to each team. These are the only two people permitted on the team sideline during each game.[k8] 


6.4 Any disagreement or disputes as to the selection and assignment of a coach or coaches for a particular team will be settled by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at the next scheduled meeting.


6.5 All coaches and assistant coaches are subject to MYSA, BAYS and CORI requirements or background checks as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors


6.6 In order to prevent unnecessary bias, perceived or otherwise, two members of the same family including relatives cannot fill the Head Coach and Assistant Coach positions for the same PYSL team.  This includes games and training practices as well.  However, the Board of Directors may deem it necessary to ensure that Team has proper coaching coverage.


6.7 The minimum age for Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches will be 18 yrs of age as of August 1st.





7. Teams


7.1 Team placement, regardless of the season, league or tournament, should be done with the intent of pushing the team to the highest level possible while keeping the team competitive. A team shall be considered competitive if it consistently wins or loses by one or two goals.


7.2 The ideal team size is considered to be 14 players for 8 v 8 competition and 12 players for 6 v 6 competitions. When determining the number of teams for an age bracket this should be the number set as a goal, However it is not mandatory as long as BAYS roster requirements are adhered to.


7.3 Teams with roster sizes  smaller than those prescribed by current BAYS roster rules for 8 v 8 and for 6 v 6 competitions will be considered to have an inadequate roster size. The PYSL will actively recruit players until an adequate roster size is achieved. Late registration rules will be suspended for these recruited players. PYSL's recruiting for the team will stop once a roster reaches an adequate size.

7.4 Teams will be placed for boys and girls at the following levels and age groups at the start of each season:


              Level                    Age Group (must be Under that age at 7/31)

            U12 (8v8)                        Under 12 at 7/31

            U11 (8v8)                        Under 11 at 7/31

            U10 (6v6)                        Under 10 at 7/31

            U9 (6v6)                          Under 9 at 7/31 but over age 71/2 at 7/31


8.  Coach Responsibilities


8.1  Coaches are responsible for observing as well as enforcing the rules and regulations set forth in these bylaws.


8.2 Coaches are responsible for observing and enforcing the rules set forth in any league, tournament or game in which the team is involved.


8.3  Coaches are ultimately responsible for their own team and spectators. No verbal or physical abuse of any player, referee or parent is allowed at any time. Coaches must adhere to and enforce the no tolerance rules prescribed by BAYS.  Every Coach and Assistant Coach will conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism and sportsmanship at all times. Coaches will encourage players and will never speak disrespectfully to  players on either team, Referees or the opposing team coaches at any time before, during, or after a game.  Coaches will never question a call on the field or speak to the referee in a confrontational or argumentative manner.  Coaches represent Plainville, and  their  actions reflect PYSL and the community overall which  strives to set an example with professional behavior. 


8. 4  Should any Coach be found in violation of  the expectations in Section 8.3  by opposing teams, Referees or parents the Board will review the matter.  If the Board verifies the occurrence of a first offense  but concludes it is not severe, then the Board will, in writing, warn the offending coach and will monitor his or her next two games to ensure that the coach adheres to PYSL expectations on proper behavior. If a second offense occurs with the same coach, that Coach will be immediately removed from his or her coaching position for the rest of the Season.  Should the first offense be found to be severe and in violation of Section 8.3, the Coach will be removed from his or her coaching position for the rest of the season.  Extreme misbehavior could result in a coach being banned from all PYSL activities and fields completely.  Any Coach removed from his or her position will have the right to re-apply as a Coach for the following season.  The Coaches application and future involvement in PYSL will be at the discretion of the Board.


8.5 A coach has the authority to suspend a player from one game for the infraction of any rules or as a disciplinary action used as a means to control the individual. The President of the PYSL must be informed of said suspension as soon as possible. If the coach feels further action must be taken then this can only be done by a Board vote. If necessary, a special meeting of the Board will be called. All parties involved will be invited to attend. A player and/or parent have the right to appeal any suspension to the Board of the PYSL.


8.6 The coach of each team will be charged with finding a suitable assistant coach who will be totally responsible for the team in the coach’s absence.


8.7 No team game, practice, or activity can be conducted without an MYSA registered Board member or coach (with a pass card), present.


8.8 All coaches and assistant coaches will be required to carry identification cards adhering to BAYS policy.


8.9 All coaches or assistants must present a current team roster to both the referee and opposing coach at each game.


8.10 Coaches should have necessary first aid kits and ice packs at all team games and practices. Materials will be provided by PYSL VP of Operations







9. Practice


9.1 It is suggested that practice be conducted twice a week for all age groups as weather and time permits


9.2 All practices shall be supervised by at least one coach or assistant coach or Board member registered with the PYSL, MYSA or BAYS



10.  Game Procedures and Conduct


10.1 It is suggested that every coach should do his/her best to give each player at least 15 minutes of each game on the field of play. This should not be confused with equal playing time.


10.2 It is suggested that goal keepers should not be playing goal exclusively. For a keeper to develop to his/her fullest potential he/she must develop foot skills. This is best done on the field as a field player.


10.3 An animated and enthusiastic coach is a great asset. Coaches should be positive and focus on player development through proper instruction.


10.4 Coaches should ensure that all team members are in official PYSL uniform and equipment for each game.


10.5 Coaches should ensure that players are acting responsibly and in the best interests of the game.


10.6 Coaches may be responsible for lining and markings of fields for game days. Assignments will be scheduled by the PYSL if necessary.


10.7 Coaches will be responsible for communications and rescheduling for game postponements or cancellations due to weather or player availability in conjunction with PYSL and opposing coach and BAYS requirements.


10.8 Coaches are responsible for submitting game scores and any game related issues to the BAYS designated Section Captain for their Division and Section.


10.8 In all cases, games will be play in accordance with rules and regulations prescribed by BAYS and MYSA



11. Coach Training


11.1 If players are put in the proper atmosphere they will learn the game regardless of the coach’s soccer abilities. Players will learn quicker however if they have confidence in what the coach is teaching. First however the coach must have confidence in himself. By attending coaching clinics this confidence may be attained by even the most inexperienced coaches. Coaches who have coached many years with the same players will benefit from such courses by learning new games and techniques which may rejuvenate both the coach and the players. By changing and improving coaching strategies the players will be treated to something new on a continuing basis.

As the players learn and grow so must the coach.



12.  Drugs - Coaches


12.1. It is mandated, in order to set an example to the PYSL soccer players, that coaches refrain from using tobacco, in any form at team activities.


12.2 No coach shall indulge in the use of alcohol while participating in team activities.


12.3 No coach will participate in the use of illegal drugs while associated with the PYSL.


12.4 Coaches not adhering to any rule in Section 12 will be subject to immediate dismissal by the Board



13. Player Conduct


13.1 Players are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsman’s like manner at all times.


13.2 Vulgarity is not permitted at any time. A player heard swearing by the coach should immediately be pulled from the playing field. Depending on the severity of the offense a player may sit out the remainder of the half or even the game. This action should be taken, by the coach, regardless of any referee action.


13.3 Players involved in excessive physical behavior with the intent of hurting another player shall be given ample time to cool off on the bench. Repeated offenses should result in the player being removed from the game. This action should be taken, by the coach, regardless of any referee action, for the safety of the players.



14.  Drugs - Players


14.1 The use of tobacco, alcohol or any illegal drug or substance, by any player, during any PYSL sponsored activity, shall result in an immediate suspension of that player, for the remainder of the season.


14.2 A soccer season starts at the time of the first team practice, before the start of the season, and will continue to the last team event.

14.3 Any player, under suspension, shall not participate with the team at any practice, scrimmage, tournament or any other function where the team assembles as a group.




15.  Parents


15.1 Parents shall treat players, coaches, and referees with respect. At no time will they verbally or physically abuse them. Only words of encouragement, to the players on the field, will be acceptable at any time.


15.2 All spectators of PYSL home games will watch the game from the touchline opposite           the teams. No spectator will be allowed behind the goal lines or on the team sideline.


15.3 Spectators should refrain from smoking while on town grounds both at games and practices.


15.4 The PYSL greatly discourages the consumption of alcohol at any team activities.



16.  Referees


Referees are the arbiters of the Laws of Soccer. A game is not official without them. Referees used in PYSL games are certified through the United States Soccer Federation ("USSF"). Nonetheless, they are not professional referees. They are parents and in some

cases children who have gone through certification procedure to qualify as referees to perform the most thankless of jobs and in support of PYSL's programs. They will, at all times, be treated with respect.


16.1 The coaches of PYSL teams will be held responsible for the behavior of the players towards the referee. If it is felt that a conversation must be held with the referee during or after a game, only the coach may do so.


16.2 The coaches of PYSL teams will responsible for the behavior of the players' towards the referee.


16.3 Physical or verbal abuse of the referee by a player shall be dealt with under the terms of By-Law 13 - Player Conduct.


16.4 Physical or verbal abuse of the referee by a coach will be dealt with directly by the Board. The Board may take any further action as it deems necessary which, may include, but is not limited to, suspensions or expulsion.


16.5 All disputes or issues with games referees should be addressed to BAYS via online game reports and with the PYSL Referee Supervisor (if game is played at home) after game is completed.


16.6 New referees are placed on a waiting list subject to approval by the Referee Administrator


16.7 Whenever possible referees will also have assignments in the Plainville Town Park Soccer program for purposes of training and evaluation but  at a reduced rate of payment.



17. Tournaments


17.1 The PYSL Board shall be notified, by the coach, of any team planning to attend any tournament, prior to the team registration application being submitted. (The PYSL encourages teams to participate in tournament play where the opportunity presents itself)


17.2 A request for sponsorship may be submitted to the Board. These will be reviewed on a case by case basis and requires normal Board approval.





18. Playing Fields


18.1 All PYSL teams will play home games on designated fields, primarily at the Field of Dreams on School Street at agreed upon rates determined by Town Park & Recreation Board.  All practices will be played on fields designated by PYSL, either Field of Dreams or Town Park.  Game field assignments are determined by the BAYS schedule. Practice field are assigned on a first come basis by PYSL based on requests. Practice Field change requests must be approved by the President or V.P. Operations.


18.2 Dimensions and markings will be in accordance with MYSA and BAYS regulations. 


Recommended field dimensions:

            8v8       50 x 70 yards

            6v6       40 x 60 yards