Coaches Code of Conduct

8.1  Coaches are responsible for observing as well as enforcing the rules and regulations set forth in these bylaws.

8.2 Coaches are responsible for observing and enforcing the rules set forth in any league, tournament or game in which the team is involved.

8.3  Coaches are ultimately responsible for their own team and spectators. No verbal or physical abuse of any player, referee or parent is allowed at any time. Coaches must adhere to and enforce the no tolerance rules prescribed by BAYS.  Every Coach and Assistant Coach will conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism and sportsmanship at all times. Coaches will encourage players and will never speak disrespectfully to  players on either team, Referees or the opposing team coaches at any time before, during, or after a game.  Coaches will never question a call on the field or speak to the referee in a confrontational or argumentative manner.  Coaches represent Plainville, and  their  actions reflect PYSL and the community overall which  strives to set an example with professional behavior. 

8.4  Should any Coach be found in violation of  the expectations in Section 8.3  by opposing teams, Referees or parents the Board will review the matter.  If the Board verifies the occurrence of a first offense  but concludes it is not severe, then the Board will, in writing, warn the offending coach and will monitor his or her next two games to ensure that the coach adheres to PYSL expectations on proper behavior. If a second offense occurs with the same coach, that Coach will be immediately removed from his or her coaching position for the rest of the Season.  Should the first offense be found to be severe and in violation of Section 8.3, the Coach will be removed from his or her coaching position for the rest of the season.  Extreme misbehavior could result in a coach being banned from all PYSL activities and fields completely.  Any Coach removed from his or her position will have the right to re-apply as a Coach for the following season.  The Coaches application and future involvement in PYSL will be at the discretion of the Board.

8.5 A coach has the authority to suspend a player from one game for the infraction of any rules or as a disciplinary action used as a means to control the individual. The President of the PYSL must be informed of said suspension as soon as possible. If the coach feels further action must be taken then this can only be done by a Board vote. If necessary, a special meeting of the Board will be called. All parties involved will be invited to attend. A player and/or parent have the right to appeal any suspension to the Board of the PYSL.

8.6 The coach of each team will be charged with finding a suitable assistant coach who will be totally responsible for the team in the coach's absence.

8.7 No team game, practice, or activity can be conducted without an MYSA registered Board member or coach (with a pass card), present.

8.8 All coaches and assistant coaches will be required to carry identification cards adhering to BAYS policy.

8.9 All coaches or assistants must present a current team roster to both the referee and opposing coach at each game.

8.10 Coaches should have necessary first aid kits and ice packs at all team games and practices. Materials will be provided by PYSL VP of Operations