Player Development & Training Goals

Quote from an experienced, professional Coach with regard to young player Development:

"The first thing is, ‘It's me and the ball.' The second is, ‘It's me and the ball and where's the opponent?' Then it's, ‘It's me and the ball, and where's the opponent, where's my teammate?' He's taking on more information. That's how he develops."

It's an over simplification but a good approach to goals that we should set for our players to reach.  These goals speak to  2 simple "F" words:

  • Footwork (dribbling, ball control, ability to pass & shoot)
  • Field Vision (offensively & defensively)

Getting there thru proper drills.  Use the sites listed below on this page, specifically this site: to help you find drills online which will help you, help your players get there.

Training Tips:

  1. Make practices fun.
  2. When conducting drills, it is better to have multiple stations going at once, than have multiple kids standing at one station.
  3. Close all practices with a fun game and then a run.