Rescheduling Games

Often times games need to be rescheduled due to weather or conflicts. BAYS allows for Games to be "pre-poned"or "postponed".  BAYS will charge Teams a Forfeit and PSYL will be charged a fee for all games not rescheduled.

BAYS Rules:

  • All Postponed games in the first half of the season must be made up within (2) Weeks of the original scheduled game
  • All Postponed games in the Second half of the seasons must be made up within (1) Week of the original game.

Steps for a Coach in rescheduling a game:

  1. Contact and notify opposing Coach that game will need to be rescheduled. Select a Date and Time that is mutual for both Teams.  Please document if the Opposing Coach is not cooperating.
  2. Confirm that FoD is available for the new Date and Time by contacting Steve Elias. It may be necessary for another PYSL team to move its own Practice time accommodate the game.
  3. Contact the PYSL Referee Coordinator Steve Canina to change and set up the new Date and Time in the BAYS system and also to arrange for Referee coverage.
  4. Keep an email trail of all communications with opposing Coaches regarding the game change