Referee Reference Guide


Mass State Referee Committee (Resource, Training & Certification)

Uniform & Gear (always bring a bag):

  1. Yellow shirt with Badge attached (alternate color shirt if one Team is wearing yellow), black shorts, black socks and black footwear (no hats)
  2. Whistle, Notebook and Pencil
  3. Red & Yellow cards
  4. Flags if needed as Assistant Referee
  5. Clock or stopwatch as Center Referee
  6. Water bottle and towel
  7. Rule Book that was issued to you by MSRC

Pre & During Game:

  1. Arrive on time
  2. Inspect the field; Nets anchored with sandbags; Threat of lightning => No Game
  3. Establish Rules with Coaches (e.g. throw-in "do overs", substitutions, etc)
  4. Collect rosters from both teams and ensure that numbers match the players
  5. Collect pass cards from the Head Coaches
  6. Inspect the teams (shin guards, soccer cleats, no jewelry); No duplicate jersey numbers
  7. Players with blood on uniform are not allowed to play

Referee the match

  • Be Confident (right or wrong, yours is the final decision)
  • Be Polite
  • Be Direct; Blow whistle strongly; Be deliberate in your signals

Post Game:

  • Validate scores with Coaches and record score in your notebook
  • Return the Coach pass cards (unless one or more needs to be kept due to misconduct; You do not need to have the home coach sign anything.
  • File Game Report BAYS website . Your score will be the official score for the game so make sure that you have kept notes of scoring, misconduct, and anything else that will need to Report.
  • Etiquette - Shake coaches hands